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We’ve got you covered when it comes to product sourcing and running an e-commercebusiness. We have been doing both for years.

Most sourcing companies only help you get products made and then you are on yourown. We would like to take it a step further and share our years of experience that willsave you a lot of time, so you can start making money faster.

Bringing your ideas to live!

Value- We take years of experience in overseas sourcing and e-commerce to help yourexisting business or a brand new one with everything “overseas manufacturing”, thenshare our story in the world of e-commerce. (you have a product- Great! What happensnext?)

Core competencies-

Years of experience, millions of turnovers, thousands happy clients.
Thousands of vetted factories for pretty much any productOffices in US and CHINA- any problem or questions- have someone to call in your timezone.

A partner one can rely on and trust!

Not only have we sourced products before, but we also own our own e-commercebrands. We know the pains customers’ deal with and can save a lot of time, know a lot of shortcuts, and create tons of savings.

Locations in China and fluent in Mandarin. We can be on the ground and to any locationin China on a moment’s notice!