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Our goal is create the opportunity for you to focus on other goals whether that’s launching new products or dipping your toes into the sand.


We’re aglobal team that allows us to work while others are sleeping or out of pocket

We will always continue to spend countless hours 24/7 to beat the industry standards from the trenches so you can focus on what matters most, building your business.


You enjoy the results

We do the hard work of funneling the montage, and expanding the lack, of Amazon data into easily digestible tailored targets for your business


IF YOU’RE NOT FIRST, YOU’RE LAST with Amazon Marketing’s never-ending platform changes, they are beyond frustrating. We get it. So we developed proprietary algorithms to help you stay ahead of all the updates and do the heavy lifting for you. We understand. We’re not just some software developers that offer the same tools found elsewhere but packaged in a different box. We are store owners that think far outside of the original box, keep it simple, and work night and day to solve your toughest problems.

Amazon doesn’t provide any ad quality feedback like the other advertising platforms. So, we developed our own Quality Score 305 to objectively forecast where to allocate ad budget for highest profits. It’s the equivalent of the superlative “most likely to succeed”.

Ever wake up in the middle-of-the-night and have an idea you want to test? Us, too! We’ll always put your, and our, ideas to the test with BETAnomix. All you have to do is let us know and we’ll leverage it against our multi-million dollars worth of sales data. We'll find the objective from subjective for you.

KATYDIID uses outside the box reporting to further help you efficiently realize your profits, we’ve developed in-house reporting to show you KPIs that are generally atypical and truly matter most. No more profitability guessing games. For any given keyword. For any given SKU.

Nearly all of Amazon search results show only sponsored content above the fold and nearly all sales on Amazon are made within that first fold. We couple our Proprietary Ad Rank (PRadRx) with our QS305 (quality score) system to dynamically optimize the cost to play at the top, where the profit is.

The inverse of BETAnomix in that we forecast the subjective from the objective. With our LOC (Line of Change) , we start with the objective data based on historical values to signal more with less for the future impact of today’s results. This is critical due to the lengthy lag of Amazon Advertising sales attribution.

AIXandr proprietary algorithms touch EVERY ad group bid and keyword bid 2-3x/week allowing us to efficiently make high-volume bid changes. We are literally able to make millions of micro-adjustments weekly with increasing efficiency.

Via HHDx all match algorithms we exponentially leverage Amazon’s Search Algorithms to objectively tell us how customers will best find your products. As well as which targets should be avoided. Whether that be via search terms, categories, competitor ASINs, and/or competitor brands.

Amazon Advertising Overview

Strategy - Use Cases of all 3 Ad Types:

  • First focus on Sales Velocity and Conversion as those are primary drivers of Amazon's A9 algorithm. We do so by following these consistent protocols across each ad type and based on budget attainment:
  1. Achieving Top Ad Rank keywords, to achieve optimum sales velocity, even if at a direct loss
  2. Divert Traffic from ASINs, not categories, we can out convert
  3. Casting a wider net to bring more customers into your catalog that were previously unaware*
  4. Push out competitors by playing defense at the brand and category levels*

*These typically yield lower RoAS and are for discretionary funds

Sales Velocity & Conversion - Sponsored Products Ads (SP):

  • Account for >80% of all Seller Central ads served
  • Typically deliver the highest sales per click out of SB, SP, and PD ads
  • Primary intent is to increase sales velocity via product search visibility
  • Look like normal Amazon search results while blending in at the top, bottom, and middle of results pages
  • They also appear on detail pages for related products
  1. Custom URLs - search results pages that display three (+) ASINs of your choice
  2. Amazon Stores - custom storefronts that showcase your brand and products across multiple pages. Use this to get around the 3 ASIN minimum

Competitive Defense - Product Display Ads (PD or DA):

  • Most recently released to Seller Central accounts with immensely growing popularity
  • Targeting for shoppers who are further along in their purchasing decisions
  • Primary intent - is for competing head-to-head with competitors while also being able cross-sell and up-sell across product lines
  • Product display ads appear on product detail pages, on customer review pages, on the left rail and bottom of search results pages, and more.

Beta - Relentless Pursuit:

  • We're always split testing all current processes against one another for optimum performance
  • Amazon is highly dynamic so we work tirelessly to stay ahead of the curve
  • You gain the benefit of leveraging beta testing derived from our multi-million dollars worth of monthly data under management



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